About Us

A coaching organization, offering onsite training and e-learning opportunities in Project Management, Business Analysis, Project Support, Software Testing and Soft-skills development. Our delivery approach is a blend of live tutorials, demonstrating real scenarios and practice on live projects. We are Based in the UK but offer an opportunity for global coverage through e-learning. Our project meetings and collaborations are done online, which means you can get involved from anywhere. Our sessions are recorded for delegates to catch up in their own time and space.

Sterling careers is passionate about global education and development in business management, the sole purpose of its creation is to improve the success, technical abilities of ordinary people by taking them through the right training and practical experience.

We offer opportunities for a career change, to those individuals who have been in vocations and jobs of low prestige and income, looking for a foot in the door into the professional environment with immense high earning capacity.

We are a team of knowledgeable professionals with experience which spans over an average of twenty years collectively. Our core strengths and achievements are across Business Analysis, Programme and Project Management, Quality Assurance, Software Testing, Regulatory Compliance (GDPR) and Manpower Development.

Our Mission

Bridging the gap between theory and the actual ability to ‘do the job’ as we provide opportunities to gain work-based skills and industry standard experience. Our candidates would be trained to “talk the talk” and “work the work”.

Our Values

We are passionate about what we do and we continue to help clients to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. We put your foot on the ground in your organization and ensure you ‘make your mark’.

We partner with the best of the best to deliver top-notch services in business analysis, project management, project support, software based services and other soft-skills development.

Our Team

Our team at Sterling Careers are experts in their respective fields and within the project environment. Our trainers know the industry, as they are project managers, Business Analysts PMO Analysts and QA/Software Test Analysts. They not only teach core fundamentals in these fields, they also share practical expertise and a demonstrable experience that helps our candidates relate to actual live project environments and scenarios. Our team is made up of seasoned professionals, with various industry standard certifications, including but not limited to Prince 2, BCS Certifications, ITIL, ISEB, and MSC in Information Systems, SAP Certifications and Business Analysis Diplomas.

Why choose us?

We are goal driven; we support you in setting SMART goals for your training experience and motivate you to strive to achieve your set goals. We are passionate and we will not be your tutor or teacher but your partner, a partner that will help you reach your goals.

Our brand promises to help prospective leaders like you become better and more successful over time.

Our scheme is transparent as we take you on a journey providing support all the way to your success story.

Our team members are

Focused on success

Well Qualified

Enthusiastic, fun & Passionate

Thought leaders


Proven results