Mentoring Program

Mentoring Programs

We offer group and one-to-one sessions, to enable you secure that dream job. This package is available across all core courses.

Group mentoring, comprising of 2-5 people practicing and preparing for professional job interviews through role-playing. These activities will be facilitated and managed by any of our seasoned professionals acting as mentors to trainees.

121 Mentoring, depending on the chosen package. This is available across all our Core areas, trainees will be assessed to determine learning objectives and assigned a suitable mentor in their field of interest.

Video tutorials in various courses in line with the standard curriculum, delivered by our in-house seasoned mentors.

CV/Resume Writing and Review

Our commitment is to offer expert support in writing standard Curriculum Vitae, which will reflect your work experience with us and accompanied reference. Our experts will ensure your CV is adequately tailored to suit relevant job specifications.

CV Review and job application support

6-8 wks on the job support after securing the first job through Sterling Careers.

Professional Reference for trainees who have completed a minimum of one of our live projects with demonstrable evidence.

Job Interview Preparation

Take advantage of our expertise. Having experienced similar interviews, we can relate with you, which is why we thrive using the “role play” approach. Our 1-2-1 interview sessions would be tailored around your interested job specification and CV. We will structure and encourage persistent practice sessions, until the required confidence to ‘ace’ that interview is built.

You will be given an opportunity to practice and experience real-life projects, collaborating with business and IT teams, learning effective stakeholder management and working across functional teams to build the required confidence and expertise to break into the professional work environment

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